About Canford Cliffs Village Hall


Canford Cliffs Village Hall was built in 1923.

Its uses have changed many times over the decades – as have our lives!

The Hall was originally built for the recreation of servants from the surrounding large houses.

During World War II the area siren was located here, so it was usually manned 24 hours a day. Troops used it as a meeting place as it was ideally placed for various wartime aid activities. Even though a bomb was dropped in Spencer Road, the Hall came through the war unscathed.

After the war, people started recognising what its location had to offer. The Women’s Institute met here regularly and there was a kindergarten in the Hall.

In the 1980s the Hall had a facelift and money was raised to renew the old wooden windows, create a proper car park and to generally ensure the Hall structure was safe.

Gradually more people started using the Hall as more activities were introduced and it became part of the Community once again.

In 2004, the Hall underwent another facelift with a new kitchen and cloakrooms with the disabled in mind and a ramp for wheelchairs was added.  This was achieved thanks to a generous donation from the Canford Cliffs Land Society.

The Land Society further assisted in creating a Committee Room (supported by a grant from SITA) and numerous other improvements to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.  The Council and several individuals have also given us Penny Farthing Developments logo-top-printassistance.

In 2013 new lighting for the Hall and stage was generously donated by property developers, Pennyfarthing Homes of New Milton.

During 2018/2019 we have completely refurbished what was the Canford Cliffs Bridge Club to create a very modern new area. This facility is now fully open and has its own refreshments facilities and restrooms. Full details will be added to the web page along with photos.

A document described as a ‘Declaration of Trust’, drawn up in September 1923 by the five original Trustees of the ‘Hall and Institute’, states that “the buildings shall be used for the education, recreation and otherwise for the advantage and benefit of the inhabitants residing in and persons visiting Canford Cliffs and the adjoining part of the Borough of Poole and the adjoining Borough of Bournemouth.”

More than 100 years later the Village Hall continues to be presided over by a group of Trustees and is a well used resource, providing the local community with a good range of educational and recreational activities.

The current trustees are continuing to upgrade the hall and its facilities to a high standard to see the hall progress into the future.

The Committee & Trustees

Chairman & Treasurer

Mr Hassam Sufraz


Mr Martin Heath

Minutes Secretary

Mrs Rosemary Thrower


Mrs Rosalind Bloom